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Revelation of God’s Name- the Lord Jesus Christ

In the annals of the Holy Bible, God took 4000 years after the fall of Adam, to come to earth as a man, and to reveal His Name and His plan to save us from our sins. It was only in the New Testament was the name of God revealed. It is the LORD JESUS CHRIST! The Old Testament did refer to Jesus Christ in many instances, but not by name. The New Testament begins with Jesus Christ Mt1:1 and ends with Jesus Christ Re22:21.

The Bible is all about God’s plan for us, that while we are living, we must embrace Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. Jesus Christ is ‘the Word (of God).. made flesh and dwelt among us’ Jn1:1,14. Jesus Christ is ‘..Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us’ Mt1:23. Unless one knows Jesus Christ, one cannot really know God the Father! Jesus said ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. If ye had known Me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know Him, and have seen Him’ Jn14:6,7. If we know Jesus, we know and have seen the Father.

Both apostles Peter and Paul said ‘..whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved’ Ac2:21, Ro10:13. Paul wrote ‘Wherefore God also hath highly exalted (Jesus), and given him a name which is above every name.. that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the FatherPhp2:9-11. Peter said ‘..there is none other Name under heaven whereby we must be saved’ Ac4:12. The New Testament attests to the deity and divinity of Jesus Christ! As believers in God and his Word, we will look into the revelation of the name of Jesus Christ and its importance in our lives, now and forever!

The Name of God- Revealed in Water Baptism 

After his resurrection from the dead, Jesus met with his disciples in Galilee, and gave them the Great Commission stating ‘..All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy GhostMt28:18-19. But ironically, no one in the Bible was baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. We will shortly see in the book of Acts of the Apostles, all water baptisms were done in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, thereby revealing the name of God.

God’s Name Revealed on the Day of Pentecost

On the day of Pentecost after receiving the Holy Ghost, the disciples began to preach the gospel in Jerusalem. There were thousands gathered in the marketplace on Pentecost Sunday, and they heard the loud commotion made by the 120 disciples ‘..when they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance’ Ac2:4.

The apostle Peter rose up and gave an anointed message to the multitudes about who Jesus is and how he was recently crucified, died, and was raised up from the dead after 3 days. ‘Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and the apostles: Men and brethren, what shall we do? Then Peter said.. Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of JESUS CHRIST for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost’ Ac2:37,38.

Peter revealed what the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost is, after Jesus gave His followers the command to water baptize everyone. GOD used PETER and the DISCIPLES TO REVEAL HIS NAME THROUGH WATER BAPTISM. GOD’S NAME IS THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

God’s Name Revealed in Water Baptism- the Book of Acts

Were you water baptized correctly in Jesus name? There is no reference in the entire Holy Bible where anyone was baptized in ‘the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost’. Father, Son and Holy Ghost are mainly titles, and not names. In studying the Acts of the Apostles, everyone was baptized only in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, thereby revealing God’s Name! Here are the references of water baptism in the book of Acts.

.Ac2:38,41     On the day of Pentecost- 3000 Jews water baptized ‘in the name of Jesus Christ’.  

.Ac8:12,16     Philip preached the kingdom of God to the Samaritans. They were water baptized ‘in the name of the Lord Jesus’.

. Ac8:35&38     Philip preached to the Ethiopian Eunuch who was water baptized in the name of Jesus

. Ac9:10,18     Jesus, in a vision, sent Ananias to preach to Saul (later named Paul), and he was water baptized in Jesus.

. Ac10:48          Cornelius, his kinsmen and near friends- all were ‘baptized in the name of the Lord’.

. Ac16:15          Lydia and her household were baptized.

. Ac16:31,33   Paul & Silas said to the jailor ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, & thy house.. they were baptized’.

. Ac18:8            Crispus, his house and many Corinthians were baptized.

.Ac18:25-28    Apollos knowing only the baptism of John was instructed by Aquila and Priscilla on water baptism in the name of Jesus.

.Ac19:5            Paul met 12 disciples at Ephesus knowing only John’s baptism; ‘..they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus’.

. Ac22:16          Paul recounted his water baptism- ‘calling upon the name of the Lord’.

Reasons for Water Baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ

1. It was commanded by Jesus ChristMt28:19,  2. For the remission (forgiveness) of sins Ac2:38; the washing away of our sins Ac22:16,   3. To reveal and take the name of the Lord Jesus Christour family name Ep3:14,15,  4. To put on Christ Ga3:27,  5. To be born again, to be born of water and of the Spiritto enter into God’s kingdom, His plan and purpose Jn3:3,5,  6. To identify with Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection Ro6:3-5, 7. To be baptized into His body 1Co12:13, 8. To be risen with Christ Co2:12, 9. To be a new creature in Christ 2Co5:17. 10. Baptism doth also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God,) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ’ 1Pe3:21.

Regarding God and His Name

David, the psalmist, loved and worshipped God upon his harp all the time. God therefore gave David many revelations of Himself which he wrote down, including many references to His Name in the book of Psalms!

. David wrote O LORD, our Lord, how excellent is thy Name in all the earth!’ Ps8:1; ‘I will declare thy Name unto my brethren: in the midst of the congregation will I praise thee’ Ps22:22; I will set him on high, because he hath known my Name Ps91:14;    

‘Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy Name Ps103:1; ‘From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD’s Name is to be praised Ps113:3;

. Isaiah wrote I am the LORD: that is my Name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images’ Is42:8

. Daniel said ‘..the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits’ Da11:32.

. Jesus said ‘Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of Me Jn5:39.

. Jesus said ‘..whatsoever ye shall ask in my Name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son’ Jn14:13,14, 15:16, 16:23,24.

. In the book of Acts, on the day of Pentecost, 3000 were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ Ac2:38,41.

. Peter referring to Jesus Christ said ‘for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be savedAc4:12.

. Paul wrote ‘God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name.. Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God..’ Php2:9,11.

. Paul said ‘whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him’ Co3:17.

These are powerful scriptures on the Name of God, how we must be saved and water baptized, and how when we glorify the Name of Jesus, God is glorified!

In the Old Testament- Jesus Christ Referred to But Not Yet Named 

There are many references to a coming Messiah in the Old Testament such as the ‘seed of the Woman’ Ge3:15, ‘the Passover lamb’ Ex12:2,a prophet like unto Moses’ De18:15, ‘my Redeemer liveth’ Job19:25, ‘the LORD is my shepherd’ Ps23:1, ‘the 4th man in the fiery furnace’ Da3:25, ‘the baptizer with the Holy Ghost’ Joel2:28, and ‘Messiah’ Da9:25,26.

The prophet Isaiah had many revelations of the coming Messiah, 600 years before Jesus was born. Isaiah wrote ‘Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his Name Immanuel’ Is7:14; ‘For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his Name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this’ Is9:6.7.  Isaiah later wrote of a suffering Messiah which not only puzzled, but was also rejected by the Jewish nation. They were looking for a deliverer which the word Messiah means, from the Romans their foreign oppressors. Isaiah spoke of the passion of God coming to earth as the man Jesus Christ to be brutalized and to die for our sins

In Isaiah chapter 53, Isaiah wrote about a suffering Messiah, ‘..he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him. He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

‘Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

‘All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.. for he was cut off out of the land of the living: for the transgression of my people was he stricken. And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death; because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.

‘Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in his hand’ Is53:2-10.

The Revelation of the God’s Name in the New TestamentThe Name of Jesus Christ

Paul wrote to the Colossians regarding Jesus Christ, ‘In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins: (Jesus) is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: For by (Jesus) were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by (Jesus), and for him: And (Jesus) is before all things, and by (Jesus) all things consist. And (Jesus) is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things (Jesus) might have the preeminence. For it pleased the Father that in (Jesus) should all fulness dwell’ Co1:14-19.

Here Paul said Jesus is the image of the invisible God, that Jesus created everything and for himself, that Jesus was before all things and by Jesus all things consist. And Jesus is the head of the Church, the body of Christ, and that it pleased the Father that in Jesus ‘dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily’ Co2:9.  Jesus said ‘I and my Father are one’ Jn10:30.

The Divinity of Jesus Christ  

Here are more descriptions of the divinity of Jesus Christ, who was revealed as God by His apostles and the prophets. Paul wrote Jesus ‘is the brightness of God’s glory and the express image of God’s person Heb1:3; ‘by whom also (Jesus) made the worlds’ Heb1:2. Jesus Christ, ‘who being in a form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God’. God ‘..also hath highly exalted Him, and given (Jesus) a Name which is above every namePhp2:6,9. Jesus Christ is God manifest in the flesh’ 1Ti3:16; ‘Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father’ Php2:11.

Jesus is the Lord of Glory 1Co2:8. Jesus Christ is ‘..the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God 1Ti1:17. Of Jesus Christ,the whole family in heaven and earth is named’ Ep3:15. In Jesus dwells all the fulness of the Godhead bodily Co2:9. For it pleased the Fatherthat in Jesus should all fullness dwell Co1:19. Jesus Christ is the highest name that ever was Php2:9. Jesus Christ ‘ the blessed and only Potentate, the KING of kings, and LORD of lords 1Ti6:15, Re19:16. Jesus Christ ‘ the faithful witness, the first begotten of the dead and the prince of the kings of the earth’ Re1:5.

Jesus ‘ Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending Re1:8, ‘..the first and the last Re1:11. Jesus is Faithful and True Re19:11. Jesus is the Word made flesh Jn1:14; the Word of GodRe19:13. Jesus is the Great I Am Jn8:58; ‘My Lord and My God Jn20:28. In all things, Jesus ‘might have the preeminence Co1:18. Of Jesus kingdom, there will be no end Lk1:33. When we meditate on these scriptures, only then can we really begin to appreciate who Jesus Christ is- God Almighty!

The 10 ‘I Am’s’ of Jesus in the Gospel of John- the Divinity of Jesus Christ 

I AM is the term that God used when He revealed Himself to Moses in the burning bush. In Ex3:14 ‘..God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM.. Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you. Jesus also used I AM to describe Himself. The Jews regarded the term ‘I AM’ as sacred, referring only to God alone.

The gospel of John lists 10 I Am’s Jesus used to describe himself. Jesus told the multitude, ‘before Abraham was, I Am’ Jn8:58. This infuriated the Jews who took up stones to cast at Him, but Jesus passed through their midst. Jesus said I am the bread of life Jn6:35; ‘I am the light of the worldJn9:5; I am the door Jn10:9; I am the good shepherd Jn10:11; ‘I am the Son of God Jn10:36; I am the resurrection, and the life Jn11:25; ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life’ Jn14:6; ‘I am the true vine’ Jn15:1; I am King of the Jews Jn18:37. All of theseI Amsrevealed Jesus’ divinity and His power to bring forth blessings, spiritual growth, salvation and eternal life to us.

John wrote In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made Jn1:1-3. ‘And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among usJn1:14. Jesus is the Word of God made flesh Re19:13.

Without Jesus, nothing was made that was made Jn1:3. Without Jesus, we can do nothing Jn15:5. Without Jesus, we would not know the way to God, the Father Jn14:6. Jesus said ‘ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am He..’ Jn8:24. Jesus is the Great I Am, the Almighty God who came to earth to die for our sins Jn3:16. Jesus said ‘Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away; All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth’ Mt28:18.

The Name of God, the LORD JESUS CHRIST

In summary, God took 4000 years since the creation of Adam and Eve to reveal His Name the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Jesus had all the attributes of a man, but also of God, being Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent Almighty, All-knowing, and everywhere! Jesus Christ isthe King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God 1Ti1:17.

According to the Bible, the Name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST is the greatest Name that ever was and will ever be in heaven, on earth, and beneath ‘ the glory of God the Father’ Php2:11. We are saved by calling upon His Name Ac4:12, Ro10:13, in His Name, we shall cast out devils Mk16:17, and in His Name we are healed Ac3:6. The apostle Paul said ‘And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the Name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him’ Co3:17.

Now that we know the Name of God, the LORD JESUS CHRIST, we must believe in His Name, call upon His Name, trust and pray in His Name, and praise and worship His Name, to save us, heal us, help us, deliver us, and to bless us! Also believing on Jesus Christ, will determine where we will spend eternityheaven if we accept Him as Saviour, or hell and the lake of fire if we reject Him. Paul said ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved and thy house Ac16:31. Amen!