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SATAN’S SORCERY- The Destruction of the US$

Reblogged on Dec. 31, 2021 what was written exactly 9 years ago on Dec. 31, 2012! What was written is already happening today with warp speed! Drgold

God's Hidden Nuggets for the Endtimes

The Great Seal on every one dollar US Federal Reserve Note:
Satan’s Sorcery:Hidden in Plain Sight Since 1935

Author’s note Dec 31, 2021:    (This paper was written exactly 9 years ago, and sadly, the dire situation regarding the destruction of the US$ has since been greatly exacerbated due to extreme US debt and borrowing. The Corona Virus pandemic and the recent need for Gov’t stimulus money, have also accelerated the demise of the US$. It was just announced that US price inflation was the highest in 40 years, and there are grave concerns about hyperinflation coming.  Also recent major international conflicts and looming nuclear wars will complete the destruction of the US$. As we are entering into theyear 2022, the US$, the world reserve currency, and all other fiat currencies, will be heading for an apocalyptic end soon!

We are presently staring at…

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