What Really Happened In the Garden of Eden- God’s Eternal Purpose Revealed

What Really Happened In the Garden of Eden   Part I  Wyman Au

Why am I here?  What is life all about?  Why did God create me?  What will happen to me after I die?  Was I born to die or is there more to life than that?  Did God have two plans- a Plan A when creating Adam & Eve, and then a Plan B when they sinned?  No, God has only one PLAN!  God is perfect, makes no mistakes, knows the end from the beginning, and has all things under control.  From the beginning of time God had only one plan for man!  From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is only a 7000-year account of God’s dealing with mankind;  6000 years have nearly passed and the 1000 year-reign of Jesus Christ will soon begin.  For an eternal God, 7000 years is a just a blink of an eye.  There is more to come for us, but not yet revealed in the Bible– Eternity!

So what is the eternal purpose which God purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord, as stated in Ep3:11?  In Ep1:4,5 it state ‘According as God hath chosen us in Jesus Christ before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:  Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will’.  God knew us before we were born and chose us in Jesus Christ before the world was formed to be a pure and holy people, long before we knew and accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  Before our parents met, before Adam and Eve were created, and before the world began, God chose us to be His holy children, according to the good pleasure of His will.  2Ti1:9 states God ‘.. hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling.. according to his own purpose  and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN’.  God had predestinated and predetermined everything.  God’s purpose and his good pleasure are intertwined in all of creation.  Re4:11 tells God is worthy of all glory, honor, and power for He created all things for His pleasure.  The key to God’s eternal purpose in Christ Jesus- why He created us, and what He wants to achieve in us all began in the Garden of Eden.  But first we will look at God’s sovereignty and what is His good pleasure.

God’s Sovereignty and His Good Pleasure
God is Sovereign and Almighty.  He does whatever He wants and when He wants.  He chooses whomever He pleases ‘..according to his good pleasure which he purposed in himself’ Ep1:9.  To illustrate God’s sovereignty as Creatorwe had no choice to be born: no choice of our parents; of our gender, male or female; of our ethnicity or nationality- yellow, brown, red, black or white, or the country we were born in, e.g. Africa, China, or the USA.  Alsowe had no choice of when in time and history we would be living.  How would you liked to have lived in the days of Noah during the great flood when all perished but 8 people, or in the days of Moses, wandering aimlessly in the desert for 40 years until many died off?  It was a Sovereign God who put us into this world, chose our parents, gender, ethnicity, nationality, and when in time we would be living.

Also God chose you and I to be living today.  Why is this so special?  God has chosen us to be living in these last days such that, one day soon, some of us will see Jesus, not die, but to be like Him and be taken to heaven in the Rapture 1Th4:17,1Co15:51.  John wrote ‘when He shall appear, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is’ 1Jn3:2.  Jesus said ‘Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God’ Mt5:8.  We are living in a very special time when Jesus will return to take us to heaven with Him Jn14:3.  Because of His sovereignty and great love for us, God worked out His great plan & purpose for us, and it all began in the Garden of Eden!

In the Garden of Eden
Ge1:1 states that God created the heaven and the earth.  God put all the trees and animals on the earth, and Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Every tree God planted was pleasant to sight and good for food Ge2:9.  God also allowed the serpent to be in the garden.  Re12:9 states ‘the old serpent is the devil or Satan’.  How did the tree of knowledge of good and evil (‘the no-no tree’) get there in the garden?  Since it was not a good tree, God did not plant it;  perhaps Satan did.  Mt13:25,39 tell the devil is the sower of tares, or the planter of the bad seed.  Like God’s trees, the ‘no-no tree’ was also beautiful Ge3:6, but not good for food.  In the beginning 6000 years ago, there was only one law– thou shalt not eat of the ‘no-no tree’;  ‘for in that day you eat thereof, you shall surely die’ Ge2:17.  However, consider these facts:  without the serpent, there would have been no temptation, and without the ‘no-no tree’, no sin!  Was it fair for God to put man in the circumstance of sin by allowing the ‘no-no tree’ there?  Jas1:13,14 state ‘Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:  But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed’.  It is Satan that tempts!  Adam and Eve were tempted by their own lust, and enticed.  But what was God’s purpose to put man in this situation?  God foreknew that Adam would sin.  But here is a very important revelation:  If Adam and Eve did not sinwe would not have needed a Savior;  Jesus would not have had needed to come, and if Jesus did not come, we would not know Him and about God’s great plan for us.  The name Jesus means ‘he shall save his people from their sins’ Mt1:21.  Consider this– NO SIN, NO NEED FOR A SAVIOUR, NO JESUS, NO SPECIAL PLAN FOR US, NO HOLY BIBLE TO TELL US WHAT HAPPENED AND WHAT WILL HAPPEN, AND NO KNOWLEDGE OF GOD!  And without the Bible, we would not know of God’s great love for placing us here on earth, and His eternal purpose FOR US IN CHRIST JESUS!

End of Part I. To be continued…

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  1. PTL! You finally got your blog going after talking about it for so long! Many folks will be blessed with the many Bible topics you have studied and written about! We need more of God’s Word to build our faith and encourage us in these days we’re living in!

  2. Gravatar looks good!

  3. Wow! Bro Wyman, it’s great to see you take off and finally blog all the nuggets of truth which the LORD entrusted you for the past 40 years! That’s one generation of spiritual food! After reading your two blog-entries – I’m full and edified already 🙂

    • Thanks Fred. I plan to send you an email how you can post your adventures in 2005-2007, etc. A few years ago, the Lord told Liz & I to help you when you are ready to publish your trip report.

      For a gifted & intelligent guy like you, starting a website blog should be very easy. Let me know how you feel about this!


  4. it was nice to have a review again to all the studies you have been sharing.this will refresh us and a great help to us.

  5. I am in full agreement with your conclusions that America is tasting the beginning of God’s wrath. American Judeo-Christian culture has been replaced with the anti-Christ liberal hatred for the things of God. Abortionists, gay rights and marrtiage advocates, lesbian-feminists, homosexual sodomites are now protected and even egged on by the president the recent culture of diversity. It will get worse than it is now, because there is no repentance…the turning away from wickedness.

    On the other hand, I thought you were too quick to believe in radio-carbon dating. This is a pseudo-scientific measurement of decay times of certain isotopes and is associated with the pseudo-science of Darwin’s unproven theory of evolution and is incapable of measuring the infinitely old formless void from which the Word of God framed the heavens and the earth. You should spend less time pursuing radio-carbon dating as an explanation of the things of God. Study instead creation science and the intelligent design of the universe…so that you can present the Biblical truth with even greater clarity.

    I will see what you are doing in the Urdaneta jail. I minister in the Balungao Regional Jail in East Pangasinan. I know that you hear from God. God bless you.

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    This is the first of a Three-part series which I believe needs to be shared. If you agree, be sure and follow link back to the original post at God’s Hidden Nuggets for the End Times, and “Blog it Forward” to your own readers via the Reblog button. I will share part II tomorrow.

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